Christopher Sampson

 Camera and a Dream...

This journey has been more than I could have ever asked for. Who knew a little country boy with a camera and a dream would travel across the world and have the honor to photograph some of the most distinguished and interesting people our time has to offer? Truly I love people, and I love hearing there stories and creating class leading imagery that will stand the test of time. I pride myself in the experience that I offer, and I know that not only will you work with me because you like me, but because you know I'll give everything to bring your vision to life. My clients are always repeat, and my friends are for a lifetime. I guess I'm where science and art dance together. I live somewhere in the world of film and digital. Being self taught, I haven't given the boundaries many have before me, and while I have no formal photography education, I've studied and will continue to study this for a lifetime. Thank you for stopping through, and I can't wait to create something that'll stand the test of time with you.


One man (cooler than an ice cube in the arctic) and his Dream of shooting Fashion, beauty, and glamour for all the world to see. Its no longer just a dream, and I everyday am continuing to make it a reality.


I love plus fashion and fashion in general. I've taken a huge liking to black and white imagery, as I found the emotion you can display with the shadows and highlights is awe inspiring. I want you to feel what I felt when I took the shot. I want the world to see you shine.


Sometimes its not so much where you draw your inspiration from but rather that you stay inspired. I tend to love culture and as such I enjoy trying new foods, visiting new places, and mingling with people and networking. If I'm at home honestly I am editing or reading up on fashion in general. You don't want to play me in bowling though...I'm dangerous with a 14 pound ball.


Yes, I shoot film. I love the way the median draws the human form and renders highlights and darkness.

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