Camera and a Dream...

One day I awoke and looked in the mirror and realized that this wasn't just a hobby anymore. Every second of my days were soaked and involved in my new passion of photography. At the beginning I wasn't sure just how far it'd take me, but at some point I realized that I had to chase my dream and share my passion with the world. I don't do this because I want to be rich, but rather because my life would never be the same without photography.

The son of two of this nation's finest military veterans, strength, honor, and perseverance were instilled in me from an early age. I watched my parents do everything they could to help me become educated and well written, and even if they couldn't provide something for me they did the best they could to allow me to experience anything that would be crucial to my growth both mentally and physically. My other half, my younger brother is really my best friend, and so much more. He has been there for me through it all, and has always been a strong voice behind me when I felt down or discouraged. To this day I'm so proud to call him my brother and my best friend. 

This year alone I've been able to shoot some of the most amazing models, and work with some of the most amazing people I've ever met. Collaborations with agencies in NY  such as Silent, Fenton Moon, NY Model Management, CW Management , IMG,  along with Sasha & Darren Bay hair master stylists , Bill Jones my friend and Mentor, Clay Nielsen, and several high end models such as Clara Buchanan , and Linka Torsleff.  

I'm stubborn..far too stubborn to ever give up on this dream. I may slip and fall, and it may take me a lifetime, but this is for me. Photography is my life.


One man (cooler than an ice cube in the arctic) and his Dream of shooting Fashion, beauty, and glamour for all the world to see. Its no longer just a dream, and I everyday am continuing to make it a reality.


I love fashion and glamour. I've since taken a huge liking to black and white imagery, as I found the emotion you can display with the shadows and highlights is awe inspiring. I want you to feel what I felt when I took the shot.


Sometimes its not so much where you draw your inspiration from but rather that you stay inspired. I tend to love culture and as such I enjoy trying new foods, visiting new places, and mingling with people and networking. If I'm at home honestly I am editing or reading up on fashion in general. You don't want to play me in bowling though...I'm dangerous with a 14 pound ball.


Real awards really are scholastic awards such as photographer of the year at my college, photographer of the semester, and best photograph of the semester. Other awards are the most stubborn and unrelenting in his goal of being a fashion photographer.

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